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Waterproof Camera Best

waterproof camera best

  • make watertight; "Waterproof the coat"

  • Impervious to water

  • Not liable to be washed away by water

  • rainproof: not permitting the passage of water

  • any fabric impervious to water

  • A chamber or round building

  • television camera: television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beam

  • equipment for taking photographs (usually consisting of a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film at the other)

  • A camera is a device that records/stores images. These images may be still photographs or moving images such as videos or movies. The term camera comes from the camera obscura (Latin for "dark chamber"), an early mechanism for projecting images. The modern camera evolved from the camera obscura.

Mosquito Bait ~ 216:365

Mosquito Bait ~ 216:365

Summer, backyard, hydrangeas, beer (Magic Hat Wacko), a postcard from Munich sent by a dear friend studying abroad, the waterproof camera from my vacation that I remembered was still in my beach bag out in the garage. All of that? That makes me happy. And so does bokeh and the serendipity of this shot. That all is very good, considering that I was viciously attacked by savage mosquitoes despite my best Skin So Soft efforts. It was horrible. They were swarming, I tell you! But I will try to remember the happiness of this photo and not the buzzing or biting. Happy. Just as soon as I stop itching. Yes. Happy. Scratching. Happy.

Sorry, Joel Tudor Evening Session, Surfrider, Malibu, California

Sorry, Joel Tudor Evening Session, Surfrider, Malibu, California

I was taking pictures when someone asked if I had gotten any of Joel Tudor, perhaps one of the best long-boarders on the planet. I really didn't recognize him but turns out there were a few pics in the group (mostly poor) and this one of him sitting outside just before dark. My apologies to him as I really didn't mean to disturb what was clearly a private surf session.

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waterproof camera best

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